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Donor Stories

Donor Stories

Learn how others have made an impact through their acts of giving to our organization and others.

  • Reed and Julie Rosling
    Reed and Julie Rosling
    Julie Rosling is a science pioneer who is living beyond her diagnosis.
  • Marge Winters
    Marge Winters
    Richard and Marge Winters were farmers out in Easton where they grew raisins and almonds. Although they are not from the Central Valley, they have always been passionate about Fresno State and, in particular, the athletics program.
  • Geraldine Tahajian
    Doug and Liz Riede
    Inspired by those who supported them, Doug and Liz decided to pay it forward and support students within the Craig School of Business.
  • Geraldine Tahajian
    Geraldine Tahajian
    Geri was known for always carrying a smile on her face, with a true love for many family and friends. She saw the good in everyone with her optimistic and positive outlook on life.
  • Jim and Louise Dunaway
    Jim and Louise Dunaway
    Jim and Louise, two retired math teachers, chose to give back to their alma maters, supporting students who wish to teach math, just like they did.
  • Doris Sullenger
    Doris Sullenger
    Doris Sullenger cared for others her whole life. One of seven children, and the daughter of Chinese immigrants, she became a caretaker...
  • William N. Beck
    William N. Beck
    Mr. William N. Beck graduated from Fresno State in 1952 with a degree in business. He went on to great success in wine marketing.
  • Col. Edwin J. Cook
    Col. Edwin J. Cook
    This retired Air Force Colonel attended Fresno State in the 1940s. This remarkable man served in the Army and Navy to finally earn...
  • Alpheda Knorr
    Alpheda Knorr
    Alpheda "Alphie" Knorr was a surgical nurse in Fresno who never attended Fresno State. No one is even sure if she ever visited the campus.
  • Pete Beiden
    Pete Beiden
    Pete Beiden is a legend in collegiate baseball...